Friday, June 4, 2010

I know.....

I know I love you
I know I want you
I know I miss you always
Its you on my mind always
One day I hope to be
The only one in your LIFE

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I just wanted u to know that
i may not talk to u all the time
i may not write u mail at times
i may not miss u at times
what im trying to say that
ill be there when u need someone to talk
ill be there when u need a sholder to cry on
At times, ill be thinking of u and smile.
At times i ll be wondering how u doing,
what will u be doing now.etc
At times, its only you I think off..
And thinking & wondering is what
I will do for the rest of my life.....

By: vik

Monday, May 24, 2010

Out of our Hands

And just like that i walked out of his life. Its dark in here, i feel the breeze on my face, I'm sitting here watching the ocean, there are people around me dancing and singing but why do i feel lonely? I'm really trying baby, I'm doing my best not to miss you. Today i told myself i wasn’t allowed to need you anymore, i asked my heart to stop loving you. But why do i still feel this emptiness? My mind cant stop thinking about those moments where i can only see u and i being together and happy. What is there for me to do now? Is this what my life is gonna be from now on? A lonely life without you...i have not only lost the guy i loved but also my best friend. In you i had found the person i longed for my whole life, the simple things about you are the ones i love the most, you brought me comfort and happiness. Now I'm sitting here feeling empty inside, with no hope of ever finding true love the kind that lasts forever, the kind you find for against anything and anyone. However i have chosen to let you go and walk out of your life forever. I need someone who loves me enough to fight for me and to be the only one I need. We've been together for sometime now, spending almost everyday together but I m sorry i can no longer share you with her. I need to let go of you and I guess we will never know if we just let true love slide out of our hands...

Note : Edited by me..this is from a friend

Was I wrong

Was I wrong to love you
Was I wrong to tell you
I thought you needed to know
Why did you disappear from my life
Leaving me feeling so empty, lost and hurt
Only If I knew.....I would have just kept
you as my friend

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Missing Link

The Missing Link

Many times when I was much younger, I used to be so sad & disappointed that mum never cared much for me (at least that’s how I felt at that time). You see I have an elder sister whom is just a year older than me.

I provided quite a lot for my family even being a gal (as most gals are not required to provide for the family in my family circle) so whenever my mum buys clothing for my sister I really feel it. Ok fine, my sister does not earn as high as me but look “I provided financially for the house we are living in”. So why she gets clothing that are hand picked by mum and I never got any since I started to make a living?

Besides the issue of mum buying clothes for my sister every festival season, I had no other problems with either one of them. I love my mum dearly, its just I don’t get it why she can only think of my sis and not me when she buys clothing for the festival season.

I didn’t really stay with my parents back then, I only went back twice in a month to visit them and my sis or mum will share or tell me when mum has bought a new piece of clothing or sis. It always breaks my heart deep inside when I hear & see the new stuff mum has taken the trouble to choose for my sis but there was never any for me.

After my sister got married, I moved in to be with my parents. Mum as usual, being a dotting wife and mother, prepared all out meals and made sure the meals stayed hot for us each day…after all it was just I, dad & mum at home.

Than, one day when I got back from work, mum showed me a dress that she had handpicked just for me. She handed it over to me very hesitantly and said “I thought this would look very nice on you, I thought of you the minute I saw it” and before I can say anything more….she continued “I know u always wear all the branded stuff only, so I am not sure if you will like this dress”……..(Only than it dawned on me why mum never got clothing’s for me all this years since I started to work. Yes I must admit at that time mine clothing’s, undergarments and shoes were all branded stuff! No wonder mum was hesitant, she thought I would look down at the things that she will buy from the morning or the night market sales.)

I looked at the dress it was a simple but very pretty sun dress and yes ‘I loved that dress’. I told mum, it does not matter what I have and what I wear but to get clothing as a gift from her at the age of 25 is still a blessing and a very much appreciated gift. I gave her hug told her that no matter what she buys for me, I will proudly wear it.

Of course I didn’t tell mum how hurt I was all these years when my sister got all the clothing’s from mum and not me…..well words & explanations were not needed anymore cause I knew than that how much mum must have been hurt for not being able to buy things for me, thinking how I would not appreciate it.

So from that day, mum has bought many clothing’s for me, from night wears to maternity dresses to some traditional outfits. If only I had told her from the beginning how I felt, I am sure I would not have missed out the years when only my sister got the clothing’s.

I still get the gift of clothing’s from my mother occasionally.

Monday, August 24, 2009

What is That